I guess I've been lurking here on LJ for a while now without posting anything, so I thought I may as well make a post. xD

Mayu ish my name, and I'm 17 living in the US. I've only been in the fandom for a short time, but am totally addicted! Who couldn't be, though? :3
NEWS is my favorite group, Tegoshi being my ichiban. (If you didn't guess from my icon xD)
However, my favorite Johnny of all time, jr.s included, is Yamashita Shoon. :3

I'm making this post rather short since I haven't really figured out lj cuts yet, and I don't really want to spam anybody's fl. :3

Blogspot, yo xD:



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nice to meet you. :)
tegoshi for the win.LOL

Thankies for the comment~
I've admired you for a while, but I was kinda lurky. xD
Yay for Tegomasuness! 8D

haha! tegomasuness!
tegomass is my extreme bias.. xD
some people gets confused who i realy like between the two, it's actually massu. but i love tegoshi too. &hearts

I’m sorry for invading your journal, but I’m also a Tegoshi fan that hasn’t been in the fandom long and lurks way too much on LJ without posting anything. I just had to comment and say I’m glad I wasn’t the only one. xD

Hello. :)

Yay! I'm glad I'm not the only one, too. xD
Nice to meet you~ :3

Hi Mayu^^
I'm Gisselle, 18 and living in the U.S as well xD

I LOVE NEWS TOO *A* have you heard about the news though? :/
I'm still supporting them after losing two members^^

Nice to meet you! :D

It's very depressing about NEWS... TTATT
But, while I love RyoTego and MassuPi, I was more biased for the four left before this all happened anyway...xD

Your icon is really cute, btw. x3

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